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Unituff 452

Unituff 452 is a peelable, permanently flexible, polyvinyl chloride copolymer solution coating used mainly for external applications as a heavy-duty membrane for protection against moisture. Unituff 452 is the brushable version of the Unituff (previously Seal'n'Peel) family of products.

Technical Specification

Unituff 452 Brush-on/Roll-on Strippable Protective Coating.
SKU: 04-U452

Unituff 452 (1 Gallon/tin) Brush/Spray-on Strippable Protective Coating for Carbon and Mild Steel MSDS SUPPLIED
(Dangerous Goods - UN No. 1263; Packing Group II; HS Code: 320820)

Unituff 452 is specified for use on carbon and mild steels. This product shall not be used on stainless steel. For stainless steel, Unituff OGS is available and can be used for metal surface protection. Refer relevant Technical Data Sheets for more information.


The beauty of Unituff 452 and Unituff OGS is the versatility of the product and of methods of application: the coatings can be brushed, dipped, sprayed or rolled. Unituff Global Technical team is working hard on spraying technology to make it feasible to apply by means of aerosol or similar. At this stage the company’s technology allows Unituff 452 and OGS to be sprayed by means of a pressure pot or through an airless sprayer system.

Cautionary Note

Due to the material’s low flash point, the proposed application locations/environment should be reviewed by relevant safety departments prior to use.

Refer relevant Safety and Technical Data Sheets for more information.

rust prevention

Global Distribution

The call for Unituff spread as global projects became aware of previous successes, and ultimately the preventing of wastage by rust prevention that Unituff was introducing to the industry; one of the remote sites that has embraced this proactive preservation technology to eliminate the problem on corrosion of metals in storage is The West Nile Delta Project in Egypt, owned by BP and principal contractor Bechtel: this marked the move of the product range into Europe and a strategic warehouse was set up in the logistics hub of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. By being situated in mainland Europe many of the component builders, manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe and Africa had good access to these products, such as UK, Italy, Turkey and Egypt.

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We're using Unituff coatings and the performance is perfect. They are protecting the flange face very well [from corrosion] and it's very easy to use.

-Global Construction Company