How It Started

The Unituff story

1973 - 2017

Pretty incredible. The pick-up was loaded to the hilt with items for the demonstration at site – no less than the APLNG project with Bechtel team at the laydown with hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment… and even more millions of rust particles!

Included amongst the heat shrink plastics, VCI papers, heat guns, strapping kits was a small tin of the magic coating – the coating that was going to change the life of these Bechtel guys, for the better!

The tin was no less than that of Unituff 452, a peelable paint rust prevention coating that helps you how to prevent rust on metal, and the first flange that we coated at this site was in fact already at least partly corroded and pitted. Nevertheless, the workableness of the product was seen immediately and the ease of peeling was obvious.

Benefits for the Oil & Gas Sector

  1. Fast drying so efficient process of coating the flange or other machined surface
  2. Excellent sealing properties, thus not allowing rust creep
  3. Non-residue peeling, so fast installation process

Once customers confirmed these properties for themselves that it indeed helps corrosion prevention on metals, the success went viral within the preservation space in the Oil&Gas sector, and the news of it spread around the globe.

Let’s start at the very beginning…where did the success story begin?

It started with an industrial chemist in Australia back in the 1960’s who invented the product, then named the Liquid Envelope...and later was re-named Seal’n’Peel, and finally became the Unituff range of solutions.

There have been numerous breakthroughs and innovations of the product, and we are pleased to share some of the wins our customers have experienced.

A flagship breakthrough was when Australian Defence Force utilised Seal’n’Peel 452 - now the Unituff 452 - to encapsulate a Hercules aircraft for mothballing purposes in 2000. This Hercules is still in storage 17 years later at The Australian Defence Pont Cook museum.

During the development stage within the Oil&Gas sector in Australia and Pacific Rim, the requirement for compatibility with Stainless Steel and potentially other alloy materials, such as brass, became a major focus. The Coatings Testing team invested countless hours on the research and development and of course finetuning, and so the OGS (a rust preventative coating suitable for stainless steel and other alloys) was born.

At this stage Omni-tuff started supplying 452 and OGS to a number of Asian countries, such as Philippines, China, UAE, Malaysia and Indonesia.

As the success of the Seal’n’Peel 452 (now Unituff 452) spread to the Oil&Gas sector in Gulf of Mexico, enquiries increased and it became clear that production in Australia would need to be mirrored with a production facility in USA. In addition to producing the peelable coating the US, our supply chain team initiated a strategic warehouse in Houston, Texas.

During 2015, production started in USA and in March 2015 the first batch of Unituff 452 arrived at our Houston warehouse. This made Unituff 452 and OGS readily accessible to construction and operating sites in the Gulf of Mexico, including producers such as ExxonMobil and EPC’s such as Bechtel.

With pricing in the Oil&Gas market being under pressure, some of the major EPC’s, whose head offices are in Houston, have spent more time in their home country – USA – and as these projects have been focused on, there have been some major development of sites along the coastline in Gulf of Mexico - in Texas and Louisiana, and also other states of America. There has been material called for in Mexico.

About the name "Unituff"

The product name was originally Seal’n’Peel. The name was changed to fit its description and now it's called Unituff. Here’s why:

“Uni” suggests ONE – and that is exactly one of the feature of the Unituff range that makes it so user-friendly – it is a single-part coating, so no mixing two or three components before application. “Tuff’ phonetically gives the culture of strength and toughness, which is what Unituff peelable coatings are all about. It is about Proactive Preservation.