Protective Coating Can Prevent Corrosion of Metals, Saving Money

corrosion of metals

Correctly applied protective coating through preventative and predictive maintenance can provide a variety of benefits to ensure the longevity and reliability of machine parts and equipment. One of the advantages is the preventive corrosion of metals that help ensure metal parts and even tools are protected against rust and corrosion caused by moisture, water, and chemicals.


Rust and corrosion wastes money and time

Corrosion and rust are probably the most negative influences on anything metal in all industries. It can be caused by moisture, oxygen, specific substances, and oxidation. Having no corrosion control or prevention in place can lead to the degradation of essential metal parts in machinery, as well as the corrosion of metal surfaces. This can lead to money and time wasted because of frequent breakdown and downtime of machinery and equipment.


The perfect protective coating

Both short-term and long-term corrosion control can be achieved through protective metal coatings that shield and protect metal surfaces of parts or equipment and preserve its integrity over time, especially when kept in storage as spares. The right protective coating, such as Unituff 452, will prevent the onset of oxidation and rust in many vital equipment such as reducers, motors, compressors, bearings, and hydraulic power units.


Long-term prevention

Preventing rust and corrosion through preventive coating by using Unituff 452 is an important and critical part of a successful preventative maintenance program. It will definitely lead to long-term equipment and machinery usage, cost savings, and decreased downtime. To achieve this with any industry, it is vital to adhere to using Unituff 452 and to consult their engineers or specialists to pinpoint the metal parts to prevent corrosion of metals. Using anti-rust oils and tapes may seem cheaper in the short-term, but in the long run, successful corrosion control can only be achieved by making the right decision and investing in long-term solutions such as Unituff 452. Visit the Unituff website now at to get more insight and information.