How to Prevent Rusting with Unituff Coatings

protective coating

Rust is that reddish-brown discolouration that suddenly shows up on certain types of metal such as iron and steel after it has been exposed to air and moisture. Over time, rust can cause metal to become brittle and weak, creating a dangerous situation if the metals involved are part of an infrastructure or in a plant.

This shows how important it is to find out how to prevent rust or at least prevent the causes of rust from starting up. Most industries have adopted one or more of the following methods.

Applying anti-rust oils, lubricants, and paint

The use of oils, lubricants, and oil-based or enamel paint is the common rust prevention used on cars, boats, and large metal equipment used outdoors. However, if used in the transport or warehouse storage of metal parts and heavy gear, oils, lubricants, and paints tend to be expensive and time/labour consuming. Also, oils and lubricants are fire and health hazards since they contain VOCs.


This is another option in which metal gets a protective coating of zinc. This is because zinc does not corrode and if rust gets a toehold on iron, the zinc coating will absorb it, preventing it from spreading. This process is effective and affordable, but the technique is again labour intensive and time-consuming. Some companies try to switch to stainless steel, but there are some metal parts or gear that don’t use stainless steel.

Powder Coating

This method applies a dry powder to a clean surface. The object is then heated, turning the powder into a thin film. Acrylic, polyester, nylon, vinyl, epoxy, and urethane powders are commonly used for this method. But again, as a protective coating, the process is expensive and quite labour intensive. Also, the powder application will not be the same on all surfaces.

Protective Coating

Probably the best and easily accessible method of rust prevention is the use of peelable polyvinyl chloride copolymer solution protective coating. This external application coating becomes a heavy-duty membrane, such as the one manufactured by Unituff. Formerly called Seal’n’Peel, it is now called Unituff 452.

Unituff 452 is easy for anyone to apply as all that is needed is a paintbrush. It doesn’t require hiring experts for the application job. It has a proven track record in the oil and gas industry in Australasia, Asia, the Pacific Rim, and the Gulf of Mexico.

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