How Using Unituff Can Save Time in Clean-up and Rework

seal n peel

Rust and corrosion can cause issues of damage at plants, factories, and construction sites that result in expensive repairs and cleaning. More extensive damage will result in replacements of parts or components. Repairs, reworks, and clean-ups can cost thousands of dollars and can waste many precious work hours.

Why Protect Metal Surfaces?

Failure to protect not just metal surfaces but also parts and components of equipment and even tools can result to several problems such as rust damages that lead to replacement, repairs, lost working hours, or even additional cleaning costs.

When these problems are not prevented by merely using metal protective coatings like Unituff 452 (formerly Seal’n’Peel), these problems will be challenging to negate and will cause delays in delivery and meeting deadlines, contractual disputes, hefty penalties, and breakdowns in supplier/customer relations.

1. Save Time

Using seal n peel Unituff 452 saves time by avoiding cleaning. Unituff 452 is a peelable, permanently flexible, polyvinyl chloride copolymer solution coating that removes the need for cleaning after the coating is peeled off.

Minimal effort is required to remove or peel off the coating. Even if the coating forms a tough membrane around the metal, the coating can easily be peeled off, like peeling off fruit skin. The non-residue peeling means that no cleaning is needed once the coating is peeled off, so time is significantly saved since the part or component can be used almost at once.

Seal’n’Peel coatings can be either be brushed, dipped, sprayed, or rolled, making for quicker applications compared to other forms of anti-rust protection. Unituff is also fast drying even if coated on flanges or machined surfaces. The fast-drying process means shorter waiting time for the metal to go into storage or transport.

2. Save Money as Well

The Seal’n’Peel Unituff protective coating will protect metal against all types of weather and will not bake on metal when exposed to sunlight. Not only is TIME saved, but MONEY is saved as well because rust damage is avoided.

Unituff 452 has excellent sealing properties that will not allow rust creep or moisture seepage. The coating can also stop seepage or creeping from extreme weather (rain or winter moisture), staining acids, alkalis, scratching, abrasions, and paint and plaster splatters.

Aside from the protection of metal parts and components for equipment and construction, Unituff 452 is also ideal for military “mothballing,” military tooling, mining equipment, heavy industrial equipment, castings, architectural componentry, and anything made of stainless steel, iron, brass, or alloys.


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