steel corrosion

Ways to protect steel against rust

September 4, 2018

Ways to Protect Steel Against Rust One of the most used materials in the modern industry is steel which is affordable, durable, and versatile. However, its versatility is limited as it corrodes easily due to its iron content that oxidises when exposed in the air and humid. The surfaces have a high porosity as those are most exposed to rust, meaning, the corners and sharp edges of the steel are most vulnerable to corrosion. During the construction process, the cost […]

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rust prevention

All You Need to Know About Rust

August 30, 2018

All You Need to Know About Rust Rust is defined as iron oxide, and usually, a red oxide formed due to the reactions to different elements on a metal surface. There are various factors to consider when dealing with rust problems. You need to know these factors to deal with rust and corrosion. Rust Factors Packaging related. The type of packaging used in metal equipment is critical in rust prevention. Acidic materials such as non-treated and corrugated paper can cause […]

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protective coating

Advantages of Coating Industrial Equipment

August 25, 2018

Advantages of Coating Industrial Equipment Industrial products can get damaged if left unattended. It’s essential to maintain products in good condition to ensure equipment are presentable and safe in the workplace. Regular cleaning, coating and painting of your equipment is a critical factor in protecting it from the harsh environment. Here are the advantages of painting or coating your equipment. Preventing Rust and Corrosion. To keep your equipment and machines running, you need to protect them from corrosion and rust. […]

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corrosion prevention

Common Types of Metal Sealants Used in Various Metals

August 14, 2018

Common Types of Metal Sealants Used in Various Metals One of the concerns that companies involved in manufacturing metals have is the fluids that find their way to the surface, joints, or openings in materials. And the substance that they use as a solution to this problem is a sealant, which acts as a protective layer that blocks the transit of any fluid. Today, many types of sealants are readily available on the market designed for specific metals. Here are […]

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corrosion of metals

Methods for preventing metal corrosion

August 7, 2018

Methods for Preventing Metal Corrosion One of the most common problems that makers of aircraft, boats, buildings, cars, and most of the other metal products are most concerned about is corrosion. It the process by which metal deteriorates due to various oxidising agents present in the environment. And one example of this is the process of rusting in which iron oxides form due to moisture. So, what methods can be done to protect metals from corrosion or slow down the […]

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Unituff Peelable Coatings servicing Mexico

July 25, 2018

Unituff Peelable Coatings Servicing Mexico  “Hola México!” Unituff Peelable Coatings (formerly Seal’n’Peel) have done a valuable service in the US, providing industry with a proactive method of corrosion prevention. In recent times this has spread to Mexico as a result of some of the steel fabricators being given the Unituff Peelable Coatings specification as part of the requirement. The landscape is not necessary totally changes, just a few interesting added dimensions such as language, flair and customs…and in immigration not […]

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Hey I’m in the Dark – Seal’n’Peel

February 27, 2018

HEY, I’M IN THE DARK! Hey I’m in the dark! I have heard people saying things about Peel and Seal, or is it Seal and Peel? … I have even seen it written as Seal’n’Peel Is it really that good? I have used tape on all my shafts and flanges in the past, although I must admit – sometimes there has been rust / corrosion and even pitting happening under the protective tape The worst part about that is we […]

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