Possible Sources of Corrosion in Metals

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There are types of pipes that are less likely to corrode, and to name one is the copper pipe. It is commonly used more in plumbing compared to other metals such as galvanised pipes or zinc-coated iron pipes. The copper types were widely used. However, due to constant exposure to flowing water, they get corroded as the iron rusts.


Other conditions where copper pipes are likely to corrode include homes that are with acidic well-water or soft water. If not appropriately treated, rust will form in the pipes. The acids in the water cause corrosion, creating microscopic pits in the copper and then leading to oxidation. Once noticed that there are many leaks in just a short period or any change in the colour of the piping, it needs replacing.


Corroded pipes can also damage properties, especially homes. Slow leaks that come inside a wall could create a growing ground for bacteria, mildew, and mould. Successive pipe problems caused by corrosion can lead to discolouration of water, insurance loss, and water pressure loss. These result to stains inside bathtubs, sinks, and washers.


Sources of corrosion

Acidic well-water. Repairs pertaining to corrosion are not usually done by DIY and can be costly. The very first task to deal with in corrosion is to find the source. If it is the harsh water from a well, installing an acidic water filtration system can help fix it by neutralising the acids in the water before it reaches the copper pipes.


Poor workmanship. Incompetent skills in installing and maintaining copper pipes can also cause corrosion. If the selected pipes are undersized for the amount of water that flows through it, the copper piping will get deteriorated by pressure. A solution to this is to hire a new contractor who has the experience and expertise in dealing with pipes.


If the source has already been corrected, all of the pinhole-sized leaks in the copper pipes must be replaced or soldered over. However, if the problem covers the entire house, it is advised to improve the whole piping system or coat the insides of the pipes. Don’t just settle on any random service provider, but look for an expert who can be trusted in improving piping systems.


These mentioned sources of corrosion must not be neglected as they can do serious damage to properties. It helps to conduct regular inspections to spot any evidence of rust formation for corrosion prevention.


Once you have identified the source of your corrosion, choosing an adequate corrosion prevention method is critical. For more information on how Unituff coatings (formerly Seal’n’Peel) save millions of dollars, visit our website… unituffglobal.com