Problems in Industry Caused by Rust

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“Rust has knocked down bridges, killing dozens, it’s killed at least a handful of people at nuclear power plants, nearly cause reactor meltdowns, and challenged those storing nuclear waste. It has shut down the largest oil pipelines, rendered military jets and ships unfit for service, and torn apart the fuselage of a commercial plane mid-flight.”  (Rust: The Longest War, Jonathan Waldman)

Rust Damage Costs Money

For many industrial countries like Australia, the average cost of dealing with rust and corrosion is between 3.4% and 4.5% of their annual GDP. Repairs and replacement parts needed because of rust or corrosion damage can be costly. Rust can make metal parts unusable in a short period. However, this can all be avoided by merely applying rust prevention coatings like that from Unituff 452 Seal’n’Peel.

Rust Causes Safety Risks

Structurally, rust can cause a variety of brittleness in vital metal parts. This can endanger the safety of users; for instance, if metal parts in a machine are rusted, this may cause an accident with the operators. This is why it is vital that regular inspections of everything metal in any industry must be undertaken to ensure that everything structural and operational is safe to use. Likewise, spare parts for vital equipment kept in storage should have a protective coating like seal n peel to prevent premature rusting.

Reduced Product Lifespan

Rust has a deadly economic effect on the lifespan of products, and parts should these need repair or replacement if the rust is left unchecked. Often, raw materials must be used to replace or repair broken structures. With the cost of raw materials continually increasing, preventing rust in the first place will help reduce the amount of unnecessary waste. If vital machines or equipment is damaged, more time will be wasted repairing or replacing parts, leading to increased overhead costs. For structures, since rust weakens metal by reducing its mass, any supporting metal or iron will not be able to support the weight it initially held.

A Rusty Reputation Means a Corroded Business

Perhaps the above is strong enough to convince anyone the importance of using a protective coating that really works. The seal n peel peelable and flexible protective coating is just this. Take note that if unchecked, rusted structures, parts, equipment, tools, etc. will not only look unsightly and unappealing while causing damage and safety risks, the rust will damage the company’s reputation as well. This will create a negative effect on the confidence of both the user and the manufacturer.

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