Removing Rust: 3 Traditional Ways vs Seal n Peel

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In many crucial industries in oil and gas, manufacturing, nuclear, and automotive, to name a few, unfortunately, still use traditional methods of rust removal or prevention, rather than using preventive protective coatings such as seal n peel from Unituff.

With crucial industries, you are always surrounded by machines, equipment, and tools made of different metals. But when the coatings of these metals produce cracks or are always exposed to the elements, rust can start sprouting. Some companies choose to attack rust early and nip it in the bud, but many companies still wait until a full-blown rust war is at hand. This is because these companies want to save on operational costs, not realising that removing rust can be more costly than preventing rust.

Here are the three traditional methods for removing rust:

Grinding, Sanding, Scouring

Some companies think that they can save money by not spending on rust removal chemicals or coatings, opting instead for more manual methods like using power tools such as grinders, sanders, oscillating tools, or even drills. First, this is so time-consuming and labour intensive. Second, there is a danger that the three could gouge the metal. Also, small areas may be hard to access.


Rust removal chemicals contain either hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid that dissolves rust. However, these chemicals are harsh, gives off intense fumes, and is harmful if skin comes in contact. Workers need to wear a respirator, goggles, and rubber gloves to handle these chemicals. Multiple applications need to and the rust needs to be manually scraped off, again consuming and wasting lots of time.

Rust Converters

Converters are chemicals that can be sprayed or applied with a paintbrush. The chemical “kills” the rust and becomes a primer that you can paint over once the rust is gone. Again, this process is time-consuming because you still need to scrape off any excess rust that isn’t “converted” and the painting process adds to the time wastage.

UNITUFF 452 (formerly Seal’n’Peel)

Since these industries are crucial and cannot afford to waste time, perhaps prevention is far better than the cure. These industries need to switch or invest in Unituff 452. It is a peelable, permanently flexible, polyvinyl chloride copolymer solution coating that is used as an external application heavy-duty membrane to protect all types of metal against moisture creep that can be the start of rust formation. For stainless steel, Unituff OGS is specially formulated for it.

Unituff 452 is easily applied using a paintbrush, roller, or sprayed-on. It also dries quickly. If the metal part needs to be used, the protective coating can be easily peeled off by hand. No post-removal manual cleaning or scraping is needed. There are no chemicals to handle or clean up.

Unituff Global has become passionate when it comes to proactive preservation ever since it entered into rust prevention back in 1974. Today, it wants to prevent metal wastage from the start rather than focusing on the removal process. For more details on how seal n peel Unituff products can work wonders for your industry, visit them at