Rust and Corrosion Proofers: Seal n Peel Unituff Products

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Formerly known as Seal’n’Peel 452, Unituff 452 and Unituff OGS (specially made for stainless steel) has been a time-proven anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating since 1973, for use as a long-term rust and corrosion preventative membrane coating. Seal n peel Unituff 452 is excellent for the shipping and storage of parts and equipment, operational use, and even mothballing. As a polyvinyl polymer, it is easy to use, easy to apply, and easy to remove through peeling off by hand.

Unituff 452 and Unituff OGS have proven to extremely resist any manner of water seepage, rust creep, moisture creep, salt water, salt spray, and even humidity, making both anti-rust coatings effective for the oil and gas industry (where it is being used extensively in Australia), marine, industrial, commercial, operational, and offshore rust prevention applications. The long-term protection applies to all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys exposed to any harsh acidity, chemicals, and harsh environments.

Advantages of Using Unituff

  • It extends tool, parts, and equipment life for all operations involving metalworks.
  • Provides excellent outdoor protection against all types of extreme weather and changes in temperatures.
  • Does not need any chemicals, oils, or removers when the membrane coating needs to be peeled off and removed. No cleaning after is necessary.
  • Allows protected metals to be handled since there is no oily residue.
  • No surface preparation needed as Unituff 452 Seal’n’Peel will adhere to any metal surface, even metals that are pre-rusted.
  • Unituff coatings will not run-off or sag. After brushing on with a standard paintbrush, the coat dries in 5 minutes.
  • The protective coating can also prevent rust transfer between dissimilar metals.
  • Thermally stable and will not alter, melt, or chip off over broad changes of temperatures.
  • Easily peeled off by hand.

Unituff 452 Seal’n’Peel and Unituff OGS have numerous applications over a wide range of industries:

Marine and Offshore

Internal and external surfaces for offshore platforms and equipment. Processing vessels, storage, and ballast tanks. Turbines and transformers, boilers, heat exchangers, compressors, valves, pumps, and castings.


Steel roofs, casings, structural steel, bridges, profiles, aluminium and steel sidings joints, concrete reinforcing bars, storage of metals, metal forgings, and steel for fabrication.

Shipping and Storage

Metal parts, materials, or equipment that need to be shipped overseas or for extended on-site storage.


External surfaces of large machines, pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, and operational equipment that require standby or field storage. Mothballing of vehicles, aircraft, refineries, electrical power plants, chemical plants, and even nuclear power plants. Protection of primary plant and factory equipment.

Unituff protective coatings have proven itself by being the main rust and corrosion proofer in the following Australasian projects:

  • APLNG – Origin, ConocoPhillips, Sinopec, Bechtel
  • GLNG – Santos & Bechtel
  • QCLNG – QGC-BG Group, Shell, Bechtel
  • Wheatstone – Chevron, Bechtel
  • Ichthys LNG – INPEX

Other projects outside of Australia:

  • Ethylene Plant – ExxonMobil, Bechtel-Linde
  • Cameron Liquefaction Project – Chiyoda International Corporation, CB&I
  • ExxonMobil SCANfining Project – ExxonMobil, Bechtel
  • Shell Franklin Project – Shell, Bechtel
  • West Indies Galeota Project – BP, Bechtel
  • BP West Nile Delta Gas Development Project – BP, Bechtel
  • Hanford Waste Treatment Plant – U.S. Department of Energy, Bechtel
  • Sabine Pass LNG Terminal – Cheniere, Bechtel
  • Corpus Christi LNG – Cheniere, Bechtel
  • Al Taweelah Alumina – Emirates Global Aluminium, Bechtel-Petrofac Joint Venture

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