Seal n Peel Coating Solution: The Answer to Eliminate Rust Even Before it Forms

seal n peel

Probably the biggest problem in any industry is rusting and corrosion of metals in pipes, valves, parts, and even equipment and tools. The answer to this rust problem is Unituff 452 seal n peel, the industry leader in the development of corrosion-resistant coating solutions. Unituff has been serving the industry since it started delving into coating solutions in 1973.

Unituff 452

Unituff prides itself in the company’s ability to offer corrosion-resistant coatings that will solve any client’s unique problems, as well as in its ability to quickly respond to client’s needs. Its team of engineers and developers, with many years of experience, using rigorous research and testing has developed state-of-the-art corrosion and rust-resistant coatings that are also cost-effective.

Unituff 452 (formerly called Seal’n’Peel)

Is a thick silver adhesive peelable protective coating that creates a protective coating around any metal when dried. It forms a tough coating that can be easily peeled away when the protective coating is no longer needed around the metal. Another coating, Unituff OGS, is also a protective coating made specially to prevent stainless steel from rusting. All Unituff coatings work well with any metal and metal components, whether big or small.

Benefits of Using Anti-Rust Coatings

One benefit not often seen by many companies when using protective coating solutions is that they now have options to use less expensive metals alongside chrome and stainless steel, leading to relatively significant cost savings. This is on top of increasing the wear life of any metal part, equipment, or even tools.

Protective coating solutions eliminate the formation of rust in metal parts stored away. This decreases the potential for long breakdown time of equipment due to part failures and lack of spare parts for immediate replacement. Less time is lost since replacement parts are at hand and well protected against rust, even when stored away for long periods.

Metal equipment itself will not be prone to premature fractures or corrosion fatigue because vital parts have protective coatings. Metal surfaces are also well protected and coated, preventing the potential of decomposition or rust damage.

Protective coatings enhance the durability of metals that is vital for sensitive industries such as those involved in production and manufacturing, nuclear plants, automotive assembly plants, food processing, and OEM machine tooling and bearings.

Throughout the years and history of Unituff and its seal n peel products, the passion of the company is to continue its proactive preservation and to prevent wastage from the start by stopping rust even before it forms. For more details, contact Unituff by visiting its website,