Still Using Oils and Paints Against Rust? Level Up Now with Seal N Peel Unituff Coatings

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Rust has always been considered as one of the biggest enemies of any industry that is dependent on a lot of metal-based equipment, parts, and materials. Going by the deceiving name of ‘iron oxide,’ once the oxidising process takes place, it becomes hard to stop and leads to rotting metal and breaking it down completely unless checked by seal n peel coating products.

It is unfortunate that many companies still stick to conventional methods of preventing rust such as paint coatings and oiling. Since the main culprit and cause of iron oxide is water, many companies still use paints because this acts as a barrier against water, while oils prevent water from penetrating since oil and water don’t mix well.

Another cited reason by companies is cost because paints and oils are cheaper.

But what if there is more to water than meets the eye?

Disadvantages of Paints and Oils

In terms of cost, paints and oils may be cheaper, but in the long run, they don’t have the longevity protection that protective coatings such as Unituff 452 (formerly Seal’n’Peel 452) can offer. Using Unituff 452 can save more in the future than any paint and oil can assert.

Paints cannot fully protect metals because they leave only a very thin layer of paint on top. While this thin layer may offer some protection against water, it is not long-lasting since extreme weather and temperatures may chip away at the colour, exposing the metal. Also, when metals bump each other, paint tends to chip off. Paint also doesn’t work well to protect against chemical spills or acidity that can also cause corrosion.

Seal’n’Peel Unituff 452 will not chip or peel off on its own due to extreme weather or metal bumping against metal because its external membrane is a heavy-duty, permanently flexible, polyvinyl chloride copolymer coating that prevents moisture and rust creeping underneath it.

Anti-rust oil coatings and other related oil-based coatings like grease and lubricants may work well to protect moving metal parts against rust, but generally, oil coatings are messy to apply and messy to remove, requiring oil removers to wash off the oil before washing again with soap and water. Again, while offering some limited protection against water, oils can be washed off by extreme weather or may dissolve due to acidity and chemicals.

Unituff 452 Seal’n’Peel doesn’t require any other mixture nor any chemical remover. It is easily brushed on metal using a standard paintbrush and will dry off in 5 minutes. The metal can be handled manually without any mess since the coating is dry and fully covers the metal like a membrane. This membrane can be easily peeled off by hand when the metal needs to be used with no chemical removers or cleaning required. The peeled off coating can be easily disposed because it is biodegradable, making it environment-friendly.

All of the above also applies when it comes to stainless steel. While this type of steel doesn’t easily rust and is easily painted, longevity protection is still needed, and this can be provided by Unituff OGS made especially for stainless steel.

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