Hey I’m in the dark! I have heard people saying things about Peel and Seal, or is it Seal and Peel? … I have even seen it written as Seal’n’Peel Is it really that good? I have used tape on all my shafts and flanges in the past, although I must admit – sometimes there has been rust / corrosion and even pitting happening under the protective tape

The worst part about that is we have only discovered the damage that has occurred when we peel the covering back at installation...then BANG – we have to start a re-work process before we can even think of installing the part: this has actually happened on numerous occasions. So, tell me more about this Seal’n’Peel – what can we apply it to? How do we apply the coating? Does it actually work?

Before we delve further, guess what! The name has changed… the product is now called Unituff… and here’s why: “Uni” suggests ONE – and that is exactly one of the feature of the Unituff range that makes it so user-friendly – it is a single-part coating, so no mixing two or three components before application. “Tuff’ phonetically gives the culture of strength and toughness, which is what Unituff peelable coatings are all about. It is about Proactive Preservation.


Unituff peelable coatings are owned globally by Unituff Global, a company head-officed in Australia, and they are distributed throughout the world by a distribution network, including Unituff strategic warehouses in Houston Texas, USA and in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Got questions about the technical specs of the product? Visit our website unituffglobal.com, or call +61 7 4121 0044 today!

Otherwise, follow us and find out in next week’s blog!