Seal’n’Peel: The Benefits of Using Seal n Peel Unituff 452

seal n peal

Rust: the greatest enemy of any industry using materials, equipment, and tools that are mostly metal. Just ask anyone in the construction, oil and gas, waste treatment, or warehousing business. Rust and corrosion prevention is the friend of all heavy metals.


So, this is where Unituff 452 comes in.


Unituff 452 is a polyvinyl chloride copolymer solution coating or thick silver adhesive coating solely for external applications. It is permanently flexible and can be peeled off when completely dried. It serves as a heavy-duty coating for protection against rust, moisture, and acidity. Unituff 452 was formerly known as seal n peel.


What are the Benefits of Using Seal'n'Peel or Unituff 452?


It is Easily Applied

After removing the lid, all you need to do is to stir well before applying. You only need to use a stirring stick or rod. Unituff 452 is then easily applied using coating methods such as brushing, dipping, rolling, or airless spraying or pressure pot. 2 or 3 coatings is all that is needed. (The Unituff Global Technical team is researching and working on finding spraying technology to make it feasible to apply such as through aerosol.)


Compatible for All Carbon and Steel Materials

Unituff 452 is compatible for use on all carbon, carbon steel, aluminium, and mild steel materials and equipment. However, for stainless steel, a separate product called Unituff OGS must be used for metal surface protection.


Fast Drying

No more waiting for hours for the coating to dry. It’s almost immediate drying means an increase in work efficiency no matter what the shape of the metal, including flanges and machined metal surfaces. And because of its fast drying properties, only small quantities will be used, making it very economical.


Efficient Sealing Properties

Unituff 452 fully seals up what the coating has covered. The coating prevents rust creep and prevents moisture from penetrating the coating. Thus, the adhesive layer serves as the best protection against even the most extreme weather, staining acid, alkalis, watermarking, scratches, and also against paint and plaster. The protection is long-lasting for an extended period of time. Metals become well-preserved, preventing rust and corrosion that can drive up costs in wasted metal materials and equipment.


Non-Residue Peeling

Unituff 452 will not leave any undue residue when the coating is eventually peeled off the metal. This also holds when using Unituff OGS. No residue will be left no matter what the shape of the metal that has been coated. Should any cleaning be required, it will be very minimal at best.


Global Distribution

Because of the product’s success in the worldwide market, aside from its manufacturing and warehouse plants in Australia, Unituff products (452, OGS, and Thinners) are marketed and distributed from hubs all around Europe as well as in Houston, Texas, USA.