How Unituff Prevents Rust More Effectively than Oils or Paint Coatings

steel corrosion

It has been assessed that rust and corrosion damage costs the global economy a staggering $2.5 trillion. This is equivalent to 3.4% of the global GDP. This is according to a NACE International Impact 2013 study. The study further states that had corrosion control practices been put in place, it is estimated that savings of up to 35% of the cost of corrosion could be realised, or anywhere between $375 and $875 billion annually on a global scale.

Unfortunately, this cost is most suffered by the customers. Corrosion causes significant damage to the basic reliability of metal. Even a small amount of corrosion can render machined metal parts unusable. Customers are forced to return corrosion-damaged metal parts, and these are either scrapped (causing wastage) or re-worked by the manufacturer.

Steel corrosion raises operational costs and also damages a company’s reputation.

Unfortunately, many companies turn to cheap corrosion inhibiting oils, paints, and lubricants that are not only environmentally hazardous but also carry several disadvantages.

Removal Means Extra Work

When customers receive the metal parts, extra work is needed to remove the oils or lubricants using solvents. The combination of the rust preventive oils or lubricants and solvents is also hazardous to workers' health as well as to the environment. On the other side, most rust preventive oils and lubricants are applied by splashing or plunging, again giving additional work to labourers.

Costly and Dangerous to Workers and Facilities

Since anti steel corrosion oils, lubricants, and some paints require being stored in drums, the handling of these heavy drums is both costly in time and money. Oils and lubricants also have a tendency to splash on worker’s clothes, or even on exposed skin. Additionally, most oils, lubricants, and paints are combustible, adding to the hazard and danger to plants and warehouses. Spilled oils and lubricants may also cause accidents due to slipping.

Environment and Health Hazards

Corrosion preventive oils, paints, and lubricants can contaminate groundwater, streams, and lakes. They also contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are toxic to humans and contains cancer-causing agents. Vapours from dissolved oils and lubricants can cause respiratory discomfort and vertigo if inhaled.

Instead of steel corrosion preventive oils and lubricants, why not use Unituff 452? Unituff 452 contains none of the above-mentioned disadvantages and is so easy to apply with just a paint brush.

Unituff 452 is a thick silver adhesive protective polyvinyl coating that creates a protective membrane when dried. It forms a tough coating that easily peelable when the coating is no longer needed. No solvents are needed to clean, no oily film on the metal surface, and no toxicity wafting out.

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