Tips on How to Minimise Steel Corrosion

rust prevention

As we are all familiar, rust is the reddish-brown coating that forms on the exterior of metal over some time. Technically, it is a chemical reaction occurring when iron and oxygen comes in contact with water or air moisture. If not treated, the rust continues to eat away the metal, leaving it frail and damaged. Removing rust from metals is not an easy job, but there are a few simple rust prevention methods to keep it from spreading and causing even more severe damage.


To maintain and minimise steel corrosion, one can try the following tips:


By choosing the fit materials

There are different kinds of metal produced by the industry, and all have its specifications as to where it is best for use. In plumbing, the best choice for water piping, whether it is for homes or establishments, are stainless steel pipes.

Stainless steel pipes can be either flexible or rigid. Although they are more expensive than most types of steel, they are durable and made to be rust free.

Copper pipes, on the other hand, are an excellent choice for water lines that provide a hot or cold option. They are the most commonly used piping but the most complex to install, as copper pipes require to be soldered to fit together.

Galvanised pipes are often less used nowadays because of its lack of corrosion resistance. Galvanised pipes can only be used to carry non-potable water, such as water system for plants and can be used to carry grey/wastewater from baths and sinks.


Frequent maintenance

We can save a significant amount of money if we only have time to check our equipment and the environment as to where it is installed. As durable and safe our materials may be, it is never a bad thing to be vigilant. Steel corrosion is unavoidable if left untreated can cause significant destructions and can even cause health issues.


Primary and Secondary coats

For best rust prevention results, Unituff coatings (previously Seal’n’Peel) have been proved to be an industry best. Now specified by Shell, BP and other large oil producers, Unituff has proved its worth by being a unique peelable coating, which is not only easy to apply and actually works in preventing rust, but is extremely easy to remove - NON-RESIDUE!

Rust should be taken seriously. It is not just a cosmetic problem. It can damage objects to the point of total structural deterioration and can be a breeding ground to a specific type of bacteria that causes tetanus.


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