Types of Corrosion-Resistant Protective Coatings

protective coating

In order to prevent metals and materials from corrosion, which affect their effectiveness in various industrial applications, industrial coatings are being used to act as protective layers. Corrosion usually takes place when multiple chemical reactions occur between atmospheric conditions and metal surfaces. This is why it is crucial to make use of an effective protective coating to mitigate the effects of such reactions that hamper the durability and quality of metals and materials.


Here are some factors that should be considered prior to choosing what metal protective coatings to use.


Environment-friendly. In order to prevent any unfavourable chemical reactions and effects, the selected industrial coating must be compatible with the existing environment, as well as the weather conditions.


Consider the parent metal. In the process of settling on a coating, it is extremely important to consider the substrate or parent metal. It must be in sync with the parent metal to avoid deterioration in the material.


Wet sponge test. Prior to the application of protective coatings, this specific test must be considered to ensure the quality and efficacy of the material.


Non-reactive coatings. Coatings must be non-reactive to the atmospheric conditions to prevent unwanted instances of certain chemical reactions.


These mentioned factors are essential in deciding what type of industrial coatings to use for applications.


Industrial Coating Types


Powder coatings. Considered as one of the high-quality coatings available, powder coatings tend to provide ideal benefits for specific applications. In order to apply these coatings in an effective and efficient way, some make use of the advanced and latest techniques. These coatings are in powder form and can be spread with electric guns.


PTFE coatings. Comprised of fluoropolymers, PTFE coatings are non-stick coatings which are commonly used due to the chemical and physical properties they possess, including resistance to high corrosion, protection against UV rays, and oxidising agents that shorten the lifespan of materials and metals and mitigating lubrication elements.


Thermal spray coatings. This type of coating is said to be very effective in providing protection to any metal surface. Since most materials used in industrial processes are susceptible to corrosion, especially when they are exposed to extremely high temperatures and weather conditions that make the surfaces deteriorated and degraded, such coatings help prevent further damages.


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