Types of Metal Coatings

protective coating

Metal coatings are mostly used to improve metal appearance and prevent it from rusting and corrosion. These are applied to the surface of the metal, which also helps in improving the efficiency of the operations. When metal is coated, the parts and components will last longer as it enhances metal durability. There are different types of metal coatings, and each type has various forms and purposes.

Galvanising. It is the process of applying a layer of zinc to a metal preventing corrosion and rust. This type of procedure is referred to hot-dip galvanising where a metal piece is dipped into molten zinc. During this process, the zinc attaches to the metal and immediately reacts with oxygen to form a strong zinc oxide layer. The metal and zinc will form a metallurgical bond that makes the protective coating hard to wear off. After the process, it will create a dull grey and crystalline appearance. Once the galvanised metal is welded, the exposed steel and the weld should be coated with special zinc to prevent rusting from the joint.

Anodising. This type of coating is common in aluminium and can also be used on other metals such as zinc and titanium. However, ferrous materials can’t be anodised as the rust or iron oxide flakes off, which makes the anodised layer also to shed off. A layer of aluminium oxide is formed on the surface of the metal when aluminium is exposed to oxygen. Anodising provides another thick oxide layer on the aluminium, which increases resistance to corrosion. The protective coating also provides better adhesion for finishes and other paints. And like a galvanised steel, it can be dyed to create a coloured aluminium.

Powder coatings. Unlike other coatings, powder coatings use dry powder to apply to a metal electrostatically. The metal part is then placed on 200 degrees Fahrenheit of heat to create a pleasing and consistent appearance. Solvents are not required in powder coatings, which makes it more environmentally friendly compared to other types of coatings. It also comes in various kinds of colours.

Porcelain enamel coatings. Enamel coatings provide a consistent and smooth coat that can resist scratches and stains. Usually, you can see this in cast-iron cookware that is applied to prevent rusting and corrosion. This type of coating also provides easy cleaning for surfaces that are prone to graffiti.

With these metal coatings, you can protect your metal parts from oxidation, rusting, and corrosion. It is essential to get quality coatings that will provide a durable performance that allows you to save up on costs for replacements.