unituff global peelable coating

Unituff Peelable Coatings Servicing Mexico

“Hola México!”

Unituff Peelable Coatings (formerly Seal’n’Peel) have done a valuable service in the US, providing industry with a proactive method of corrosion prevention.

In recent times this has spread to Mexico as a result of some of the steel fabricators being given the Unituff Peelable Coatings specification as part of the requirement.

The landscape is not necessary totally changes, just a few interesting added dimensions such as language, flair and customs…and in immigration not local customs!

unituff global mexico peelable coating

The relationship has been positive and the feedback has been excellent – learning curve for both us and them…and we recently received some exciting pictures from one of the facilities…

So where next? Brazil? Colombia, Chile?

Watch this space!

What we have learned is that the global side of Unituff Peelable coatings has driven a number of key learnings:

  •  Time zones
  •  Languages
  •  Cultures
  •  Specific compliance in a country or zone
  •  High compliance challenges in DG shipping.

Thank you for all the teaching you as a valuable customer are giving us – keep us in the loop as to how we can support you again!