Unituff’s Use in the Industry: Australasian Projects Coordinated by EPCs

corrosion of metals

It’s a well-known story among the Unituff people. The GLNG (Gladstone Liquified Natural Gas) project is already in full swing, and the partner firms – Shell, ConocoPhillips, Bechtel – were searching for the most effective rust prevention method to protect hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment against the deadliest enemy of metals – rust!

Among the heat shrink plastics, VCI papers, heat guns, and strapping kits on that particular site demonstration day was a tin of anti-rust coating that would change the life of the APLNG project forever, at least in the fight against the corrosion of metals.

The tin contained none other than Unituff 452, at that time still called by the name, Seal’n’Peel. It is a peelable, brushable, rust prevention polyvinyl chloride copolymer solution coating as an external application, heavy-duty membrane for protection against creeping moisture and rust.

When applied on flanges and other metal parts, some already partly rusted, the immediate effect and workability of Unituff 452 were quickly seen, particularly in the ease of peeling and the immediacy of use of any metal part.

The Oil and Gas Australasian Projects

How vital was Unituff 452 to the GLNG project? The Gladstone LNG project is a coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas project that delivers greener and cleaner sustainable energy. It is a $24.7 billion project in Queensland that will finally create around 10,000 jobs (check these figures for GLNG), making it the largest producer of gas in Australia.

A project this large containing at least two processing trains can only mean lots and lots of metal, and lots and lots of catalysts for rust and corrosion of metals. So, when rust strikes, there is the possibility of losing millions of metal parts and even metal equipment, as well as possible production damage or worker accidents.

Aside from the GLNG project, other projects that are using Unituff products include:

  • Ethylene Plant (ExxonMobil, Bechtel-Linde)
  • Cameron Liquefaction Project (Chiyoda International Corporation, CB&I)
  • ExxonMobil SCANfining Project (ExxonMobil, Bechtel)
  • Shell Franklin Project (Shell, Bechtel)
  • West Indies Galeota Project (BP, Bechtel)
  • BP West Nile Delta Gas Development Project (BP, Bechtel)
  • Hanford Waste Treatment Plant (U.S. Department of Energy, Bechtel)
  • Sabine Pass LNG Terminal (Cheniere, Bechtel)
  • Corpus Christi LNG (Cheniere, Bechtel)
  • Al Taweelah Alumina (Emirates Global Aluminium, Bechtel-Petrofac Joint Venture)
  • LAAC Ethane Cracker (Axiall & Lotte Chemical, CB&I)
  • Total Port Arthur Ethane Cracker (Total, McDermott)

One can clearly see Unituff’s track record when it comes to rust prevention and protection against corrosion of metals, particularly in the oil and gas industry in this part of the world. Unituff can safely claim that they have significantly contributed to the lessening of metal wastage for these projects, saving millions of dollars’ worth of parts and equipment.

For more about Unituff 452 and other Unituff products, visit their website at https://unituffglobal.com/.