Ways to Protect Steel Against Rust

steel corrosion

One of the most used materials in the modern industry is steel which is affordable, durable, and versatile. However, its versatility is limited as it corrodes easily due to its iron content that oxidises when exposed in the air and humid. The surfaces have a high porosity as those are most exposed to rust, meaning, the corners and sharp edges of the steel are most vulnerable to corrosion.

During the construction process, the cost of steel should be considered as a capital investment. Risks that emerge from rust must not be underestimated as damages due to corrosion can affect the properties of the steel structures. Hence, corrosion protection is a significant part of work when it comes to metal constructions. Here are two of the most common ways to prevent steel from rusting:

Application of paint coating. Also called steel galvanisation, it is a process which creates a coating of zinc over the surface of metals.

Application of paint coating. It is a process which creates a coating barrier that beautifies metal structures and at the same time protect it from moisture.

Both of these mentioned methods are designed to give the unfailing performance of steel structure, and that is for a specified period. The better the durability of the coating, the higher the cost of protection. But learn that investing in protection against steel corrosion is fundamental as when the process is prepared properly, it can be cost-effective in the long run.

To strengthen the adhesion of the protective layer, the edges of the steel must be rounded, which can be done by a beveling process. Then have the surface well-covered as it is the best way to prevent rust. Such a process is called metal rounding which removes a certain volume of metal at a required angle along an edge before the welding. Simply, rounding transforms sharp edges of metals into a uniform radius. The larger the bonding surface for coatings and paint, the lower the risk of steel corrosion and peeling.

Is there anything better out there?

Unituff Peelable Coatings.

Unituff has been found to save many millions previously spent on remachining rusted surfaces and trying to clean ineffective coatings off. It is being used extensively in many countries around the world by companies such as Shell, BP, Chevron and Bechtel.

Why? Because it’s just so easy.

  1. Peelable - the easy peel-off system that Unituff employees ensures very fast installation of product. Saves you the process of ‘picking’ it off, or trying to grind it back, or even washing it off.
  2. Where the coating is, the rust isn’t! Literally! It creates an impermeable barrier against rust, ensuring there is no seepage of any existing rust to the critical surfaces.  
  3. Non-residue - saves you that time in installation. The non-residue saves all clean up at the time of installation. None of that time spent trying to clean your flange. Just peel it off, and there you go!

This one which has become a market leader… Unituff (previously known as Seal’n’Peel) coatings.

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