Unituff OGS

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unituff OGS

Thick Silver Adhesive Coating

A thick silver adhesive coating that creates a protective membrane when dried. It forms a tough coating that easily peels away when the protection is no longer required.

Peelable, Plasticised and Flexible

Unituff OGS is a peelable, plasticised, permanently flexible polyvinyl resin solution coating. It is a heavy duty coating designed to provide long term corrosion protection coatings to a variety of substrates by locking out liquids, dust, gas and vapours. Unituff OGS features an extremely low halogen content making it suitable for the temporary protection of stainless steel. When used as stand alone peelable protective coating in normal atmospheric exposure Unituff OGS will protect the substrate for a minimum of 6 months. When used in conjunction with the complete 4VAP system Unituff OGS will protect the substrate for many years and will be readily peelable when required.


Compatible with Stainless Steel, Brass and other Alloys.

Typical Application

Protection of equipment during transport and storage. “Mothballing”. Military Equipment Tooling, Mining Equipment, Heavy industrial machinery, Castings, Architectural componentry, Stainless Steel.


Be aware the liquid is highly flammable, so take care with use.


It is advised to use in small quantities due to the fast drying properties of this product.


  • Peelable
  • Durable
  • Fast drying
  • Non-seepage
  • Prevents rust creep
  • Non-residue

Preservation Specification: Flanges and Other Machined Metal Surfaces – Unituff OGS


Unituff OGS is a peelable, permanently flexible, polyvinyl chloride copolymer solution coating used mainly for external applications as a heavy-duty membrane for protection against moisture. Unituff OGS is the brushable and sprayable version of the Unituff (previously Seal’n’Peel) family of products.


Unituff OGS is allowed for use on stainless steel and certain other alloys, as well as on mild steel and carbon steel.
For carbon steel, Unituff 452 is also available and can be used for metal surface protection.
Refer relevant Technical Data Sheets for more information.


  • Easy application process with relatively short dry time
  • Prevents rust creep (non-seepage)
  • Minimal effort required to remove (peel) coating from metal surface (non-residue)
  • Demonstrated on EPC/major Oil & Gas projects to withstand prolonged continuous contact with moisture (e.g. moisture trapped between the outer cover and the metal surface).
  • Refer Track of Use Report for more information.


Due to the material’s low flash point, the proposed application locations/environment should be reviewed by relevant safety departments prior to use.
Refer relevant Safety and Technical Data Sheets for more information.


Prior to applying the preservative coating, completely remove all rust, mill varnish, temporary preservative coating and other contamination (e.g. corrosion) from the machined/gasket sealing surfaces by solvent cleaning in accordance with SSPC-SP1, or by another approved method that will not damage the machined surface.
Wait for the cleaning agent to dry; touch test the machined surface to confirm there is no residue from earlier preservation and to confirm the surface is completely dry.
Apply an even coat of Unituff by brush, airless spray system or pressure pot, working in one direction.
Don’t overwork the finish as this will cause stretch marks. Avoid excess wetness on vertical surfaces as this will causeruns.
Once the first coat is touch dry (Unituff OGS is touch dry in 5-10 min at 77°F/25°C), apply a second coat at a right angle to the previous coat. Ensure that there are no longer any exposed areas of the metal surface.
2-3 coats of Unituff should result in a dry film thickness (DFT) of approximately 10 thou (250 microns). Manufacturer’s suggested DFT is 20 thou (500 microns), however field experience has demonstrated that a lower DFT will provide a sufficient level of protection.


Remove coating film by starting from an edge and peeling the coating from the metal surface.

For further testing requirements please contact the Coatings Testing Team at sales@omnituff.com

Glossary of Terms

SSPC-SP1 - SSPC-SP1 Solvent Cleaning. The method of solvent cleaning is intended to remove “all visible oil, grease, soil, drawing and cutting compounds, and all other soluble contaminants from steel surfaces.” The specification calls for the removal of dust before solvent cleaning by the use of a stiff bristle brush.

Flash Point – The flash point is the temperature at which a particular organic compound gives off sufficient vapour to ignite in air.

DFT - Dry film thickness (DFT) is the thickness of a coating as measured above the substrate. This can consist of a single layer or multiple layers (Corrosionpedia).


Disclaimer: Since the use and application of this product is beyond our control we cannot be held responsible for product field performance or personnel safety during application and use of product. The information presented in this document is not to be construed as a performance warranty.