Unituff Thinners 5

Available Size: 1 Gallon
Unituff Thinners 5 (4L/tin)

SKU: 04-UT5/4


More Working Time

Keeps the paint wetter for a few minutes longer allowing more working time.

Hot, Dry and Windy Conditions

Can be necessary in hot, dry or windy conditions where the coating may “tack off” before the operator has a chance to achieve a uniform/even finish.


Can be used to clean paint brushes.


Thinners would not be necessary in the majority of environments where the temperature is between 10-45 degrees celcius.


1L of thinners per 10L of Unituff Coatings is suitable for most environments (start at 5% and increase to 10% if necessary to achieve the workability they are after).