Peelable Protective Coating for Stainless Steel

How to prevent rust from equipment and machinery?

Finally, there’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem: the Unituff OGS. Specially designed to keep metal surfaces from rust, moisture, and dirt.

unituff OGS

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What sets Unituff OGS apart from any other protective coating solution?

Easy to apply

Sprayable, Brushable, Rollable


Dries in 5 minutes
Apply 2-3 coats, and you’re good to go!

Easy to remove

Effortlessly peels off from the surface
Leaves no residue

Our Unituff products have been around for decades

You may know them from their days as Omnituff Seal’n’Peel

With a reputation that spans generations, it should come as no surprise that industries like the Oil and Gas sector consider Unituff their go-to product for preventing corrosion on their metal machinery, materials, and equipment


Unlike its sister rust prevention product, the Unituff 452, the Unituff OGS is made compatible with stainless steel, brass, as well as other alloys.

unituff OGS


Heavy industrial machinery
Military equipment tooling
Mining equipment
Architectural component


As if we haven’t stressed it enough, the Unituff OGS is peelable and quick-drying.
Not to mention durable.
It’s also anti-rust creep!
You will never have to worry about rust spreading under your paint coat. Ever.

As a standalone rust proofing Brisbane product for metal surfaces exposed in normal atmospheres, the Unituff OGS offers protection for at least half a year.

As it is paired with the 4VAP system, the Unituff OGS will have the minimum substrate protection power of a few years. Even then, the coating will still be as easily peelable as it needs to be.

Ready to go rust-free?

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